Source Taging

Source tagging is adding a label or hard tag in the manufacturing or packaging process of your merchandise. On the shop floor, this is labor intensive and not always reliable. Pushing it backwards in your supply chain saves costs and time, because your merchandise arrives at your store shelf ready.

Why retailers choose source tagging?

  • Goods arrive ready to sell.
  • Staff has more time to sell.
  • Tagging products is no longer an ‘if we have time’ task.
  • The tag can be built into the product – discreet and tamper-proof

Any EAS and RFID antenna works best with high-quality tags and labels. Therefore, Nedap sets high standards and tests 100% of the labels we sell. When you are ready, Nedap can advise on integrating source tagging into your supply chain. This gives your high risk products the best protection and increases in-store efficiency as the products are already labelled and shelf-ready when they arrive at your store. Nedap offers a complete portfolio of EAS and RFID labels and tags to optimally protect your clothing, shoes, bags and other fashion items.

Tagging offers

  • Operational cost savings
  • Central control on what to tag
  • Faster speed to shelf

Label & tag portfolio

  • Paper labels
  • Shoe labels (non-reactivateble)
  • Hard tags
  • Lanyards