A newsletter is a standard tool for customer relations, but administrative burden increases with the number of registered users. Registration is often via a simple e-mail message to an individual who manually updates the database, and creates and sends out the newsletter with another tool. Result: the costs exceed the benefit and then come the issues of managing subscriptions, opt out options and priorities and customer interest.

Our e-Manager system provides you with a way to easily manage a mailing list or newsletter from your website, from our managed servers or from your own PC.


  • Web Based solution
  • PC Based Solution
  • Mobile / PDA Based Solution

e-Manager is a complete Newsletter Management System for any website, extranet, or company designed to increase revenue by driving customers back to your website and customers. Combining powerful marketing and relationship tools with advanced personalization and tracking, we provide a solution with far more flexible and powerful than any other at a price you can afford. Integrating directly with your website, or even running from a local web server, it's an easy to use do-it-yourself solution.

Quick Features:

  • Read & URL Click Tracking with reports.
  • Automated Functions including Automated Newsletter Broadcasting.
  • Double Opt-in & Double Opt-out functionality.
  • Personalized Newsletters with mail merge.
  • Newsletter archiving and public subscriber edit forms.
  • Extensible with Custom SQL Statements and developer tools
  • Do-It-Yourself friendly & intuitive interface.


Automated Emails

Automated emails are Newsletters that can be sent to subscribers automatically after they have been subscribed for the number of days you specify. Automated emails have many, many diverse applications. If you setup a special list for people who place an order on your site, you can have our solution email them a "Questionnaire" after a few weeks to get some feedback. It's automated, so you don't have to spend time manually sending each email. Maybe you have a series of emails that are designed to teach or give information to someone over a period of days. That series of emails can now be automated! Create and automate your follow-up emails without doing it manually or needing to remember. Other applications are only limited by imagination! Use your favorite application scheduling program to automatically broadcast your newsletters.

Automated Newsletter Broadcasting You are not always around when you want your Newsletter sent off. Why should you be? Never again will you be forced to stay online and wait while the broadcast completes or even be in the office. Simply set the date and time, and forget it. e-Manager will handle everything for you so you can take that vacation you always wanted

Optional 1-Click Unsubscribe Links
Every newsletter should give a subscriber the ability to unsubscribe. e-Manager will do this for you. By using the personalization features, you can provide all of your subscribers the ability to unsubscribe anytime, with the click of a link. You set when and where you want this link to appear in your newsletter giving you greater flexibility.

Web Based Administration
e-Manager is web based. Whether you're at home, the office, or away on a business trip, you can always login to maintain your list, change defaults, or send newsletters Double Opt-in and Double Opt-out Capabilities

To provide even greater flexibility, e-Manager now features double opt-in and double opt-out support. By enabling the double opt-in feature, potential subscribers are sent an email upon registration that requires them to confirm their subscription before they are added to the actual list. Double opt-out is the same concept only applied when a user wishes to unsubscribe. Subscriber Import and Export

e-Manager provides import capabilities. Simply navigate to the "Subscriber Import" feature, choose your delimiter and list, paste in the import data, and e-Manager handles the rest. Exporting email addresses is just as simple so that you can use your list with other programs as well Supports Text and HTML Newsletters

e-Manager provides support for both text-only and HTML newsletters, both in the same list! You choose which form at you want subscribers to receive, or allow them to choose themselves... it's all included

Newsletter Creation Wizard with HTML WYSIWYG tool
Creating your newsletter just got easier! With the new wizard based system, it will walk you through the entire process with ease. The new options and configurations are broken down into easy steps making it easier for you and your clients to learn. It also features a new "Save & Refresh" command which allows you to save the data periodically, eliminating those annoying timeout problems. The new WYSIWYG HTML editing tool puts more power in your hands to create those HTML emails