To successfully combine innovation and design with functionality and interactivity that will achieve the results that satisfy all our client's requirements.


We highly emphasize on growing recurring revenues through long term relationship with our clients by delivering high quality, cost effective and responsive professional services. We always seek to provide complete tailored and state-of-the-art solutions.


Information security is a multi-faceted activity which includes the classification and control of assets; personnel security; physical and environmental security; computer and network management; system access control

Welcome to ZAUQ Solutions

We specialize in creating websites that work as opposed to just Eye-Catching sites. This philosophy has led us to focus on online marketing, site usability and ergonomics. Our consultants can present you highly technical but artistic websites based on your requirements, internet applications, intranet applications, extranet applications, a graphic tune up, a makeover or starting from scratch till a database driven e-Commerce application. We will create an impressive web identity and interface for you..